27 Jun, 2017

The Corn Field Buck

27 Jun, 2017
November 15th 2014, was a day that started out like any other. I was on first shift, so a morning hunt was out of the question. For me 2:50 in the afternoon couldn’t come fast enough, as I had a new piece of property on my mind and I couldn’t wait to see what it had in store for me!
I arrived shortly after 3:00pm and set up off the edge of a cornfield, where I knew there was a good scrape line. With it being the heart of the rut I knew hunting along the edge of a standing cornfield with a scrape line along it would be an ideal spot to see a shooter buck. Shortly after setting up in my stand a doe snuck in and left just as quickly as she came. Knowing I had a doe in the area increased my chances highly to see a buck to come in, so I patiently waited keeping my eyes peeled. About 20 minutes after she went out of sight I caught a glimpse of an antler about 100 yards away. It seemed like an eternity before I laid my eyes on him again, but when I did he was 50 yards closer and closing in with every step. Instantly realizing the size of the buck I knew I would be putting him on the wall and with my adrenaline kicking in my legs began to shake.
Knowing what I had to do I gathered myself and focused on where I needed to place my shot. While making sure my camera was recording and facing out towards my shooting lane, he came closer at 30 yards. He went behind a big enough tree for me to draw back without being seen. As he came out from behind the tree he turned facing me to rub his antlers on a low-hanging branch. Knowing I was in his peripheral vision I stood like a rock at full draw waiting and watching him through my camera screen. It seemed like an hour before he turned broadside and began to walk. As his front shoulder crested into my shooting lane I attempted to stop him, unfortunately he took one too many steps, stopping with a sapling just covering the crest of his shoulder blade. In seeing that, I knew as long as I hit to the left of the sapling it would be a fatal shot. With the pin settling just to the left of the sapling, I squeezed my release sending my arrow at the biggest buck that had ever crossed my path. As the arrow left my bow I could see the glow of the lighted nock come into sight and as it neared my target it veered left and then back right, hitting the buck forward in the shoulder.
As he made his exit my heart sank realizing I clipped the sapling and made a poor shot. As he tore down the edge of the field I saw the arrow protruding out of his shoulder and I realized he was bleeding profusely from his wound. With the little glimpse of hope from the amount of blood loss my adrenaline overwhelmed me as I began to shake. As I set my bow down I noticed the buck had stopped in his tracks I could only see his rump and I was unsure what was going on. Then he began to sway back and forth and I knew it was a matter of minutes before he would crash and I would get my hands on this beautiful buck. As he fell I found myself speechless knowing I had just harvested the biggest buck to date. As I gathered my gear I couldn’t wait to make the quick track to my harvest. As I approached he got bigger and the joy overwhelmed me.
Finally getting him in my hands I knew he was going on the wall. As I loaded him into the back of my truck I made myself a promise, that from now on I wouldn’t shoot a buck that wouldn’t go on my wall.
– Mike Salsman

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  • Eph Jr June 27, 2017

    Great story man!!!! Bring on this season!! Can’t come soon enough ????


    • Nick Kravitz July 12, 2017

      We Can’t Wait!
      Thank You!


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