We are a videography company based out of Northeastern Pennsylvania focusing on producing a web-show.

Fourth Arrow Camera Arms


After 5 years of videoing hunts and general videography, a team sat down to start Fourth Arrow and one of the first innovations was reinventing the hunting film industry. The goal was simple: Begin the brand by creating three simple points of perfection that trumped every current arm system out there.

What Makes the Fourth Arrow Camera Arm System different, and how do you decide which best suits your needs? Find out more at fourtharrowcameraarms.com

FLW's Take on: Fourth Arrow Camera Arms

Why Fourth Arrow?

  • Lightweight. Is there a reason a camera arm needs to be the same weight as your average boat anchor?
  • Removable and Affordable Base system. Why does an extra camera base cost $100? Can’t we have something affordable enough to install in every stand location we have?
  • Range of adjustment for virtually any treestand situation. Why do we have to pick the perfect tree to hang a camera arm? Why can’t the arm accommodate to any situation, tree, or branch that I want to hunt in?