12 Jul, 2017

My First Archery Buck

12 Jul, 2017

Two years it took me.. Only two years to get my first buck with a bow.. and ever since then, I have been addicted to that feeling with the bow in hand 20 feet up and being closer to nature.

It all started in the spring of 2013 when Tyler had me film some of his B-Roll for a turkey that he had shot with his bow. From that point on I began taking in knowledge as he introduced me to bowhunting. I made my first Bow purchase off of a close friend, Brett. It was a Mathews Monster and boy did I love that bow. I began shooting regularly and really taking a liking to it!

Once season rolled around Tyler and I hunted pretty hard. A few short days into season Tyler shot a nice 10 point with his bow.

At that point It was all on me. I was hunting every chance that I got. Just being outdoors and in my tree stand had me thrilled! I had a few encounters with some nice bucks but I was humbled time and time again. Season came to a close and I began to think about next season rapidly.

Sheds fell and we began to collect a few nice antlers. As season approached we planted food plots in a few new spots which built my confidence that our new approach would pay off. Through the rest of the summer we shot bow regularly and practiced honing my skills for the upcoming season.

Season was finally here, I climbed in my stand in New York for a couple sits before the Pennsylvania Season opened up with no luck. A couple days in to the Pennsylvania Season I had an opportunity at my first doe with a bow over a Rough Ridge food plot that Tyler and I had planted. She came in from the far side of the plot and meandered her way in front of me and almost directly under my stand on a deer trail. I grunted at her and she stopped. As I let my arrow fly it flew true to its mark and the doe only went about 100 yards and crashed! I waited for my good friend, Mike & Brother Tyler to show up before I pursued her… Once they arrived we followed her blood trail and quickly walked up on my first archery harvest, a nice mature doe! It was a day I would remember for the rest of my life!

A few days later we were getting a few pictures of bucks showing up on our food plot. Tyler had me sit in the box blind that we built over this plot to see if one of the buck would make its way out in the daylight hours for me. There was no shortage of wildlife as I sat that evening… squirrels, birds & blue jays were abundant. After a couple hours passed by a small year and a half old buck had made his was into the right side of the food plot and began feeding. As I filmed him for a few minutes I suddenly heard a chewing and ripping sound like something was eating out of the plot on the far left side. Slowly I began to turn my head and as my head swept I began to see antlers appear out of the corner of my eye. It was the smaller of the few bucks that had been coming to the plot. As I got situated I pressed record and began to make my move. The buck was hitting the scrape and now peeing in it as I drew back. It happened so fast. I came to full draw, settled my pin behind his shoulder a couple inches so that I had no chance of hitting that shoulder blade and then in a split second *Thwack* off ran the buck into the woods.

It was a pass through and what looked to be a perfect shot! I was super pumped up and I watched the buck kind of jump and slowly run off into the woods above me. Quickly I called Tyler to tell him the news! Of course I sent a group text out to the Flatline Whitetails Team also! I then reviewed my footage and after closely examining it I concluded that I may have hit him a few inches farther back then I would have liked due to his front legs being bent and cocked back while he was making the scrape – something I had not accounted for at the time (Lesson Learned). We gave him a few hours and I called my buddy Evan Barnes to come help us track him & snap a few photos with his camera (This is where my interest for Photography began). We checked the arrow and could see some lung blood as well as some dark blood which we assumed liver. We tracked blood for about 50 yards then decided to back out after it dwindled and wait it out until morning since it was a chilly night.

The next morning Travis Forrest showed up to help with the Grid Search. A few hours in we were questioning what went wrong and why we weren’t finding this buck! About that time I received a call from Travis saying that he had found my buck! I quickly ran down the hill to where he had found him like a kid on the last day of school! Thrashing through brush and prickers I had made my way to Travis! As I approached him I could see the antlers.. There he was! My first Archery Buck! I grabbed on to him in disbelief and amazement, I was saddened but joyed at the same time. It was a moment I would be taking with me for a long time.

After gutting him we hauled him up the hill to the field to get a few pictures and then go skin him out.

From that point I was so hooked on bow hunting I didn’t know what to do with myself! Huge shout out to my brother, Tyler Kravitz, for teaching me everything I knew about bow hunting!

– Nick Kravitz

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