08 Aug, 2017

Down Goes Brutus

08 Aug, 2017

Coming into the second season of Flatline Whitetails I had a lot on my plate, from a baby boy coming in November to shooting my number one hit list buck I called Brutus. I had numerous trail cam pictures of him throughout the summer. But when he shed his velvet I got two pictures of him then he disappeared. I hunted hard for him through the early season but to no avail.

On October 28th I was blessed with a handsome little boy. Unfortunately he was born with a blood disorder called hemophilia A. Which put any and all of my hunting on hold until rifle season. When we got home from the hospital after 2 weeks Brutus was still the furthest thing from my mind.

When rifle season opened I decided to sneak out and see if I couldn’t get a shot on Brutus. Not seeing any deer the first 2 days of rifle season kind of got me nervous. I checked my camera and low and behold I had a picture of him the day before. From that point forward I told myself I was going to shoot that buck for my son and wouldn’t give up till I had him in my hands. I stayed out of his stomping grounds for 2 days to let things calm down. The opening day of doe season came and I promised a friend and his boy that I would film them harvesting some does. Unfortunately the first spot we went had way too many hunters in the area so I decided to take them to Brutus’s domain, but I made sure they knew that I got first shot at him.

When we got to the spot we had about a 50yd walk to the top of the hill where we would overlook the food plot. We crested the top of the hill and low and behold there he stood right in the center of my rough ridge food plot. I set my camera down and faced it toward Brutus. He began to make his exit so I quickly turned my camera towards the opening where he was going to run through, but unfortunately I forgot to press record in the heat of the moment. I pulled up my rifle and shot. He was about 100yds running from left to right. He continued running so I reloaded with him about to drop out of sight over the dam of the pond. I squeezed off one more round. As he went out of sight my heart sank thinking I just lost my opportunity at harvesting the buck I dedicated my season to for my son. As we made our decent down the hill to where we last saw Brutus I was flooded with emotions from excitement to nervousness that I missed him. As we rounded the pond and got closer I noticed an antler sticking up.

I began to run in excitement as I got closer I knew I had done it, I had killed not only my number one buck, but the buck that I promised my son I would harvest in hopes that one day he would follow in my footsteps.

Article By: Mike Salsman

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  • Damien landon August 09, 2017

    That’s amazing congrats


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