We are a videography company based out of Northeastern Pennsylvania focusing on producing a web-show.

7 Trusty Trail Camera Tips and Tactics

May 31, 2018

Wondering if your trail camera is in a good spot or if you are missing out on better spots?...

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“Funky Cold Medina”- A Buck Measured in Character

January 9, 2018

As the summer season of trail camera checks started to hit full swing in mid-August. My dad I were...

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“SlingShot” The 150 Class Pennsylvania Free Range Archery Buck

October 19, 2017

Finally I can say that I’ve wrapped my hands around the antlers of a Mature Pennyslvania Whitetail Buck! Tyler &...

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Down Goes Brutus

August 8, 2017

Coming into the second season of Flatline Whitetails I had a lot on my plate, from a baby boy...

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My First Archery Buck

July 12, 2017

Two years it took me.. Only two years to get my first buck with a bow.. and ever since...

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The Corn Field Buck

June 27, 2017

November 15th 2014, was a day that started out like any other. I was on first shift, so a...

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Nock Out Lighted Nocks Testimonial

June 22, 2017

  It’s been about three years Since we were introduced to Nock Out Lighted Nocks. Since then, we have...

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Persistence Always Pays

June 15, 2017

On May 20th it was a cool cloudy morning as I loaded my gear up into my jeep and...

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Nebraska Thrills and Nebraska Kills

May 23, 2017

  Riding down highway 20 on a sunny Friday afternoon in the passenger seat crossing that Wyoming Nebraska border...

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The Plan That Came Together – Flatline Whitetails

November 6, 2016

This journey started for me back in September 2015. I was able to secure the permission to handle the...

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